I Don’t Hate Sonnie Badu – Omani Acheampong


Gospel singer Nicholas Omane Acheampong of ‘Maher-shalal-Hash-baz’ fame says he has nothing against his colleague musician, Sonnie Badu.

“I don’t know where this is coming from but I want to put it on record that I have nothing against Sonnie Badu. I don’t hate him. I don’t have any grudge [against] him. All I did was to advice his handlers to find a way of ending this back and forth over a tape bearing his voice and his denial. This harmless advice has been taken by some people to mean something else,” Omani Acheampong stated in an interview.

Nicholas was recently asked his opinion on comments from Sonnie Badu that most of the songs from Ghanaian gospel musicians neither made sense nor glorified God.

Though Sonnie held a press conference to deny ever making such statements, an audio recording of his voice making the exact statement has gone viral and raised questions about his truthfulness.

Nicholas, in his comments, said the back and forth between Sonnie and the media was not helping the image of the musician and that of the gospel music fraternity in general and therefore his management should find a way of putting a stop to it.

He also disagreed with Sonnie that gospel songs from Nigeria generally had better lyrics and rhythm.

“I have vowed not to have a problem with any man of God or any gospel musician because of my pastor, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, head pastor of Glorious Wave Church.”

“I am focusing on my music career and moving from one congregation to another, ministering to God’s people through my music. That is my focus, but not to get involved in a debate over Sonnie Badu. I was asked my opinion on what he said and I answered. I did not condemn or attack anyone,” Nicholas explained.

Source: News One

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