Kwabena Kwabena To Be Sued For An Alleged Fraud & Breach Of Contract


For many years, the existing hostile and lack of transparent relationship between several Event Organizers and Ghanaian artistes have been attributed to the actions and omissions of Event Organizers, orchestrated to financially exploit the artistes.

However, increasing reports indicate that, our Ghanaian artistes are not the ones always suffering in the hands of Event Organizers, both home and abroad.  Contrary to their cry of being the victims of a long-standing injustice, some Ghanaian artistes seem to be carrying the burden of fraud—swindling Event Organizers even in the face of existing enforceable contracts.

Ghanaian musician-Kwabena Kwabena was recently booked, and his manager-Kevin Opoku signed a contract with a UK based Charity Event Organizers-Gye Nyame Entertainment to perform in Luton on 21st December, 2013. But Kwabena Kwabena failed to honour the contract—-with his management rudely suggesting that the already taken ‘down payment’ can be refunded, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.

From the information and documents obtained, a ‘Performance’ Contract was entered into by GyeNyame Entertainment and KBK Music Ltd (Kwabena Kwabena’s management) on 12th September, 2013 with one of the binding terms as;

‘GyeNyame Entertainment’ and KBK Music Ltd having agreed that the former pays Kwabena Kwabena £1000 out of £3000 to perform at their Community Event-Christmas Bash in Luton.

This initial deposit of £1000 was paid and accepted by KwabenaKwabena. However, after taking the deposit with the needed travel arrangements in place, Kwabena Kwabena and his management team decided to disregard their contractual obligations to the disappointment of the Organizers and Kwabena Kwabena’s UK fans.

A source we spoke to at Gye Nyame Entertainment said ‘this goes beyond a mere breach of contract; there is an element of fraud and dishonesty out there. Kwabena Kwabena came to the UK few days to our agreed date and even spoke to us about his presence in the country. But he somehow flew back to Ghana to perform at other Events he was booked for, knowing he was already contracted to perform at our event’.

‘There is no single constituent of professionalism left in him and his management team, and they seem not to have good faith when signing contracts so other Event Organizers must be extra careful when dealing with them’ our source added.

Though the 21st December event went on without Kwabena Kwabena (the headline artiste), we are told the organizers have instructed their lawyers to sough the paradigm remedy for breach of contract from Kwabena Kwabena as well as certain amount spent on the Event’s publicity and other expenses.

From what we gathered, it seems Kwabena Kwabena does not only have an underlying ‘honesty issues’ with women but also with this professional life. It was therefore not shocking that his recent London concert was poorly attended. After all, no one knew if he was going to turn up or not.

Surely,  Kwabena Kwabena has a talent and an ability to make great songs but until he fixes the way he treats his career, his reputation will not measure up to his great songs.

Even if artistes like Kwabena Kwabena do not care much about honouring contractual obligations because they are prepared to pay out for the breach, do they not care about the disappointment their actions fetches their fans? And the over-all negative effect such actions will have on their future dealings and concerts?

We reached out toKwabena Kwabena’s manager but we are yet to have our calls returned…


Source: ghanacelebritie

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