Controversy trails Joselyn Dumas Best Supporting Actress

joslyn dumas

The drama started the very first day the nominations for the Ghana Movie Awards was announced for ‘Best Supporting Actress’, in a movie titled ‘A Northern Affair’ which she played the lead role.

A night before Joselyn Dumas won the award, Leila Djansi, the Director of the movie had taken to the social media network to express her displeasure over the award categories: “Ghana Movie Awards, what on earth? How can Joselyn Dumas be nominated in supporting actress, when the entire story of A Northern Affair was told from her point of view? Guys guys guys, if we are going to do something let us do it right. Please. We can’t continue like this. Get it together and get it right. GMA is a laudable enterprise but it needs to grow in the right direction.”

This “insubordination” according to movie enthusiasts on the part of the organizers apparently didn’t go down well with Leila Djansi who directed the movie. She had to question the credibility of the organizers, and also stressed the fact that things must be done rightly.

The category which had received a lot of criticism had Joselyn Dumas, Lydia Forson, Lisa Nana Yaa Awuku, Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa) and Roselyn Ngissah on it list.

Observers reiterated that, there’s no doubt about the fact that organizers had goofed, and come to a conclusion that in order to appease those they thought they had hurt, they decided to give Joselyn the awards on the night.

The drama didn’t end there; JD as she is fondly called came up on stage to receive her awards all draped in tears. Her joy was so overwhelming that she somehow forgot her ‘vote of thanks’ lines. Her uncontrollable wailing said it all that she truly appreciated the award.

When there seemed to be a kind of break in transmission (with regards to the infuriating comment that Leila had made on the same podium), JD quickly cautioned Leila, played a little drama up there by giving shout-out to Shirley Frimpong-Manso (one of Leila’s supposed arch-rival) for “giving her the opportunity to show what she can really do.”

Since then, the questions on the lips of entertainment industry fans and pundits are: why did the organizer decide to fix a Lydia Forson who could not boast of at least starring in about three movies in that calendar year? And the choice of bringing Kyeiwaa in that same category when we all know that she mostly takes the lead role in all her movies she stars in? Did Lisa Nana Yaa Awuku and Roselyn Ngissah really deserve to be in that category?

We sincerely hope that the organizers and their committee will do their homework well to avoid scenes that will steal headlines of their prestigious show in ways that may not go down well in history.

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