Lil Win tells his bitter love story

lil win

Not many actors would want to share their past love experiences on the silver screen but actor Lil Win has done just that in a new movie called Big Boy Weezy.

Lil Win, who dated a girl called Naomi for four years and later found out that a movie director was also having an affair with her, wants the whole world to know about it.

Sharing his real life experience with Showbiz, Lil Win talked about a lady he had wanted to marry soon after starting his career in the movies.

According to him, he introduced his sweetheart to his parents and discussed plans about marrying her only to find out a movie director he had introduced his girlfriend to was having an affair with her.

“As poor as I was, I provided everything she wanted because I knew she was from a poor background. Despite that, she went ahead to have an affair with the movie director the very day they got to know each other through me,” Lil Win said.

Lil Win, who was broken-hearted discovering the relationship between his girlfriend and the movie director, decided to team up with Mustapha Adams, popularly known as A.A Production, to tell his bitter tale on the big screen.

The Big Boy Weezy movie features Kwaku Manu, Pat Bentum, Faustina Amissah, and Kojo Poku. Apart from Lil Win’s issue with Naomi, the film also touches on the challenging circumstances through which the popular actor met his current love, Patricia who is also mother of his son.

Known for movies such as Azonto Ghost, David Ba, Psalm 23, Boys Abre and Akrantee Nkwan, Lil Win said Big Boy Weezy is his best movie so far because it touches on his real life experiences.

According to Mustapha Adams, the producer of the movie, he didn’t hesitate at all to put resources into the production of the film when Lil Win told him he wanted to tell a true story about his love affair in a movie.

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