George Quaye opens up


George Nii Armah Quaye, host of The Pundits on GH ONE, has revealed how he found his way to the top of his profession and continues to climb the ladder of success.

His is the story of a primary schoolboy who dared to venture, a curious teenager full of adventure and a young man with a burning desire for success and a determination to make the best of whatever comes his way.

Aside hosting The Pundits, The Challenge, and one entertainment or corporate event every other weekend, George works as a Senior Events Producer/Director and Head of Media, Brands and Communication for Charter House.

His popularity started rising about a decade and a half ago, when he played ‘Aboagye’ in the then hit TV comedy series, Taxi Driver. Many may not remember that when George was much younger, he actually acted in Uncle George Laing’s kids TV show, Kyekyekule.

George Quaye recently explained to Eddy Blay how he moved from Kyekyekuke to his current position: Everyone has dreams as a child. Mine was to be a lawyer. But when I was in primary school, something happened. The TV programme ‘Kyekyekule’ needed someone to play President Rawlings in a sketch. The guy who was playing him had the look and everything but couldn’t quite pull off the voice. So one day I was standing there watching the rehearsals and I’m not sure what came over me but I shouted that I could do it better. They asked me to try it and I nailed it, even without a script. I ended up landing the role. I think that was my calling of some sorts.

After JSS, I joined the drama club, karate club and almost every other club that was available. I soon enrolled in David Dontoh’s theatre company. Then I heard that Village Communications was auditioning for a TV show called Taxi Driver. I got the part alright but I soon realized that I was more into the behind the scenes aspect of entertainment. I scripted a full season of the show, and started to think like a director and producer. I then went to the School of Performing Arts in Legon where I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in Film and TV. I went back to Village Communications as a producer.

In 2006 I joined Charter House as a copywriter, but soon found myself in production, working on all Charter House events, from Miss Maliaka to Ghana Music Awards. In a nutshell, that’s it!

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