MUSIGA Presidency : Reggie Rockstone Replies J-Town


The Hip life Grand papa, Reggie Rockstone says he is happy about his endorsement from Ghanaian hip pop artiste J-Town, who was interview on XFM’s WONNABEE SHOW by Thompson C.D Nortey .

J-Town tipped Reggie to be the next MUSIGA president because he believes that the Grand papa has the welfare of Ghanaian artistes at heart and is capable of running the affairs of musicians.

Responding to the call in an interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers, Reggie Rockstone said, “the endorsement shows what he (J-Town) sees in me. It is an honour; but, in reality, it’s a different thing.

The work is demanding. However, I will pray to God about it so he guides me in taking a good decision. But for me, it is a tough task”.

Asked how he would assess the Obour led administration, Reggie Rockstone humorously said, “Joo, I have just been tipped for the post so I won’t say anything for anyone to take me on”.

He reiterated that, “the nature of the work is cumbersome. It’s really hard. It’s easy to point a finger. If you are on the seat, you will really feel the heat. However, what ought to be done must be done to serve the interest of the members”.

Christened Reginald Osei, Reggie Rockstone is referred to as the Godfather of Hiplife and the one who is credited with its formation. He is now a member of music trio VVIP.

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