Revealed – Juliet Ibrahim Says She Divorced Because Her Husband Cheated On Her With A Girl Who….


I need not to be a psychic to know the truth and wrong but for what i just read i can easily predict no guy will ever do this. We all know Juliet is one hot, sexy and sassy chick that every guy with sense will fall easily for and i dont think any man will trade her bootylicious and curvy body for a bleached girl. Like how can this be true. Anyway if it happens this is true then ermm, Kwadwo should look for the Valencia’s and allow Juliet maintain her natural body complexion.

Juliet Ibrahim is divorced from his husband, Kwadwo Safo, son of Apostle Kwadwo Safo. The actress wants to remain silent over this issue but whether she likes it or not, reasons for her action will be revealed since she confided in people when she was having problems in her marriage.

See some hot pics of Juliet Ibrahim… I dunno any guy who will forego this body for a bleached girl….

00000 Juliet.Ibrahim.Safo_1 Juliet-Ibrahim-3 juliet-ibrahim-bola-ray photo-41

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