Breezy Is A Doting Dad To Royalty But He Still Wants His Baby Mama To Do This…





Chris Brown Is Enjoying Parenthood

After posting his first daddy-daughter picture with baby Royalty, Chris Brown is embracing being a parent now more than ever.

With that in mind, he still wants his baby mama Nia Guzman to move to L.A. to be closer to him.

After introducing the world to his daughter Royalty for the first time via Instagram last night with two adorable snapshots, E! News learns that Brown’s posts were simply the first step to becoming more public about a part of his life that he had kept extremely private.

“Chris never denied the baby was his,” a source tells E! News. “So it’s not like the photo he posted is him admitting anything. He always accepted it. He’s just becoming a lot more public about it.”

And so far, Brown’s life as a dad is really good. “Everything is going really well,” the insider adds, noting that he’s even mentioned moving the duo, who are based in Houston, over to L.A.. “Chris sees Royalty all the time. He wants [mother] Nia and the baby to move to California to be closer to him. Nia is open to it.”

“He wants the world to know she’s his daughter,” the source shares. “It’s not the only time Chris has seen Royalty. There have been several visits.”

As far as the singer’s relationship with Royalty’s mother, the insider tells us that there is nothing romantic going on, they’re “on good terms,” and they both just want to co-parent.

“Neither Chris nor Nia is interested in a romantic relationship, which makes things easier. He can do what he wants, she can do what she wants—there’s no stress about that.”

Source also explains that as of last month “there’s no formal visitation schedule in place…but he sees the baby when he can.”

Breezy has spoken in the past about wanting to have a little boy, according to the insider, “but that’s all over now. Chris really loves that little girl. He is not denying he’s the father. He’s playful with her and dotes on her.”


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