Jay Electronica Says Kanye West Is “a Black God”


Jay Electronica took a trip to Nigeria to reconnect with his roots. While speaking with Nigerian radio station The Beat 99.9 in Lagos, Jay spoke on the reason for his visit, his long awaited debut album, and his opinion of Kanye West.

“Kanye’s a black God, and we love him,” said the NOLA native. “Kanye’s a beautiful brother. We gotta be careful about anything we hear. We all got our faults and character defects. Kanye, as far as I know, is a beautiful human being. Very beautiful brother physically and spiritually.”

Things got a little touchy when the co-host asked Electronica about his forthcoming debut. ”We’re always expecting an album sometime soon,” he said. “But anybody that knows Jay Electronica knows that that’s the wrong question to be asking.”

Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Truth), the follow up to Electronica’s Act I: The Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), has been underway for years. Last month, the Roc Nation signee dropped “Road to Perdition,” which got fans excited about new LP. There is currently no release date. He also spoke about the current state of hip-hop:

“Yes, it is dumbed down hip-hop. It’s not what I grew up on. But I would be a bold-faced liar if I said I didn’t listen to some Fetty Wap and Drake. I know the lyrics to “I’m in love with the CoCo” and all that. Rap is poetry, and we come from the era of Rakim and Nas. That side of me can critique a Young Thug and these new types of people. At the same time, it’s young, black people using what they have to come up out of an environment they’re in to better their lives and their loved ones.”

During the 22-minute interview, Jay also talks about potentially working with Nigerian artists, calling the West African country the “heartbeat of Africa,” working on “Control” with Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar, his relationship with J. Cole and Jay Z and his love life

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