Treach Puts Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Blast


For whatever reason, Treach decided to throw Kanye West and Kim Kardashian under the bus yesterday (January 5) during a series of tweets.

The Naughty by Nature emcee had a close relationship with Tupac back in the day and as soon as he caught an Internet meme with ‘Ye’s picture next to the caption “I THINK PAC IS OVERRATED,” it inspired him to take a few jabs at the celebrity couple.

The full “Pac is overrated” meme shows Kanye making the quote and then Pac in a side-by-side picture saying, “Your wife is overrated.” This then was followed up by a tweet of two lions next to each other (presumably after mating) and Treach putting his own caption on it saying: “What Kim says after she takes her Stap On Dildo off after Hitting Kanye in the A$$!!” Ouch.

Kanye West has never said publicly that Tupac is overrated and even praised him in a 2013 interview withPeter Rosenberg, calling him the greatest rapper of all time. In 2014, a fake news site published a story in which Kanye reportedly said, ‘Pac wasn’t much of a musician,” among other things.

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