You’ll Never Guess Who Dropped in on DJ Khaled’s Epic Snapchat


Major key. Two social media icons, Kim Kardashian and DJ Khaled, joined forces this week during Khaled’s trip to Los Angeles. Khaled, aka the Sage of Snapchat, posted a clip with none other than Kim Kardashian on his famous Snapchat story, with some motivating words for the new mom.

“They don’t want you to wear the Saint Laurent fur, they don’t want you to break the AppStore, they don’t want you to be the biggest boss in the game, so what we gonna do is we gonna win more,” he said to Kim, who spends the clip behind the inspirational producer trying to cover what looks like a huge smile. She later posted a still from the same video with the caption, “Should I?” If she is asking her followers if she should “win more,” the only question is, is that even possible?

Khaled’s snap story has become something of social phenomenon in the past months, even gaining attention from The New York Times, which called his snap stories “a combination of inspirational talk, outrageous adventures and mundane minutiae of life, a mix that in recent weeks has become social media core curriculum.”

While in LA, Khaled used his social media super powers to show his agents at United Talent Agency the true extent to which his fans are willing to go. He posted his destination to his story, “L.A. MEET ME AT 430… 9339 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills. Bless Up,” and his fans delivered. Upon arrival, he was swarmed by a screaming mob and spent some time with his constituents before heading in to handle business.

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