50 Cent Really Doesn’t Want to Pay Rick Ross’ Baby Mama $7 Million


50 Cent doesn’t like Rick Ross, and he certainly doesn’t like Rozay’s baby’s mother. He also doesn’t want to give up his money. That’s why he’s asked a judge to let him only pay $1.6 million of the $7 million he reportedly owes to Lastonia Leviston.

Leviston and her legal team are shutting that down though. According to Page Six, Attorneys for Leviston are demanding he pay the full $7 million for posting a sex tape of her online and made a strong accompanying statement in the process.

“Never in the history of this state, or this country, has a celebrity unleashed such a malicious and humiliating campaign against a private citizen,” said attorney Brian Isaac.

He also claims Fif is far from poor, citing that despite his bankruptcy filing he’s appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show bragging about the $1.6 million he put up for a Floyd Mayweather fight, among other instances. 50’s Instagram doesn’t help his cause either.

Is 50 Cent stalling? Should he have to pay the $7 million?

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