Tyga’s Underage Accuser Caught in a Huge Lie


It hasn’t been the best couple of weeks for Tyga, ever since the texting scandal between him and 14-year-old Molly O’Malia officially became a hot topic. But the rapper may be off the hook, at least in terms of legal repercussions, now that new evidence has come forth that the teenager has a habit of lying about her age to adult rappers on social media.

According to LoveBScott.com, screenshots of conversation threads between Molly and a “relatively unknown rapper” named Bobo Norco recently surfaced. During the exchange, “MollyOMalia” tells Bobo to check out her music, she suggestively asks, “What do I have to do to get your attention?”

When Norco replied with only questions about her music background, she got more blatant with her flirting. “Btw, you’re cute,” she wrote, before going on to say she’s 18 and moving to Los Angeles as soon as she completes high school. Norco didn’t take the bait, though, and made it clear he didn’t believe her story after doing the math on her age. “You don’t believe me?” O’Malia appears to ask after the rapper questions why she’s 18 and hasn’t yet graduated high school. “Nope,” he responds. O’Malia then replies with a conversation-ending, “Whatever. BYE.”

Sounds like O’Malia, who Tyga claims told him she was 17, got a little further with the “Rack City” rapper than Norco, but not much. Last week, Molly, her mother, and famed attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference last week where she publicly blasted OK! Magazine for running a story about her alleged relationship with Tyga. O’Malia went on to describe the “uncomfortable” conversations she had with the rapper, though it didn’t seem like he broke any laws with the exchange.

Tyga may be in the clear legally and in terms of public opinion, but we doubt this gets him off the hook with girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Legal or not, what’s he doing hollering at another girl on Instagram? If it’s about the music, doesn’t he have people for that?

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